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My Brilliant Career

Currently in Production

2 Rehearsed Readings Only

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MY BRILLIANT CAREER (in association with the City of Greater Geelong) auditions are just around the corner. SooT is thrilled to present this creative development project leading to full production and touring in 2020/1- the fabulous story of a young woman following her path no matter the cost. We here at SooT pride ourselves on presenting new, intriguing, engaging works presented by a true esemble cast. 

  • Madeleine Swain
  • Glen Barton
  • Michaela Gregory
  • Cindy-Lou Esler
  • Leanne Lanny Visser.
  • Liam South
  • directed and adapted by Christine Davey
  • costumes by Emma Louise Watson
  • Production by Wendy Robinson and Deb Stallard

Sam the Space Delivery Man

Currently in Production

The cast for Sam the Space Delivery Man, radio play in collaboration with Skin of our Teeth Productions, the Greater Geelong Creative Incorporated and the City of Greater Geelong are;
Madeleine Swain – Aurora
Scott Beaton – Narrator
Adam Gilding – Sam
Wendy Robinson – Fifos 1
Fred Preston – Fifos 2
Congrats!, Can’t wait! Is going to be great! This is the first original creative production for the little group of positive collaborators! hooray…. keep your ears peeled for the final production! 
So it begins – our first read through and rehearsal for SAM THE SPACE DELIVERY MAN – a radio play written by Alistair Smith, directed by Emma Watson presented by SooT in conjunction with Greater Geelong Creative Inc., and the City of Greater Geelong. We love doing new things, creating new opportunities and can’t wait to record this gem and send it out into the world of sound saves.

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