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Loves Labours Won – In production – 5-14 March 2021

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for this covid-safe production. 

Loves Labour’s Won remains a secret piece of Shakespeare’s plays. Listed to have been performed in 1598. However, there is no play with that title that we know of as published today. The theory is that “Love’s Labour’s Won” is the early title of a play that we now know by another name. Because many of Shakespeare’s plays had not been published by 1598, there are only a few plays that could have been known by this early title. Different scholars have suggested “Much Ado about Nothing” as the modern identity of the missing “Won.” Set at the closing of World War 1, there is ‘everything’ to be ado about in this production. A sparkling, engaging and heartwarming comedy staged with modernised and to ensure that loves labour’s are won indeed!

Loves Labours Won Cast

  • HERO – Rose Musselwhite
  • BEATRICE – Marie-Clare Tchernomoroff
  • MATRON PEARL – Katie Hall
  • MARGARET- Lanny Ryan
  • URSULA / Ensemble – Melissa Musselwhite
  • CONNIE/Ensemble -Sarah Smits
  • CORPORAL BAKER – Robyn Farrar
  • CAPTAIN CLAUDE – Ryan Tracey
  • CAPTAIN BENEDICK – Matthew Bertram
  • MAJOR JOAN Gracie Rogers-  
  • COPORAL WOOD/Ensemble- Tyler Wood
  • CONSTABLE DOGBERRY/Ensemble – Graci Lynch
  • VERGES/Ensemble/Vocals – Simone Warnock
Hysterica – A series of Monologues
Introducing – Anna Akhmatova (poet), Mariya Vasilyyevna Oktyabrskaya (WW2 tank driver), Ada Lovelace (mathematician), Joy Hester (artist) Hazel Bishop (inventor/business woman) Dawn Faizey Webster (academic/inspirational speaker) Moll Cutpurse (thief and business woman extraordinaire), Elizabeth Gould (artist and pioneer). these remarkable women being represented in HYSTERICA – SooT’s new works program – eight monologues of women we’ve never heard of – written by local writers, directed by local directors, involving YOU – OUR AUDIENCES! Scheduled for live (yes, live) five boutique performances in August.

SooT is proud as punch to announce the cast for HYSTERICA – the voices of women we’ve never heard of… We thank everyone who auditioned. As always the calibre was extremely high and decisions were difficult. Welcome our fabulous women…and we are delighted that half the cast is new to the family!

Cast Announcement: Anna Akhmatova – Terry Roseburgh. Hazel Bishop – Sarah Smits, Dawn Faizey-Webster – Mary Steuten, Moll Cutpurse – Robin Wemyss, Mariya Oktyabrskaya – Katrina Hill, Joy Hester – Mary Steuten, Elizabeth Gould – Rebecca O’Callaghan, Ada Lovelace – Sarah Smits.

My Brilliant Career – August 2021

Dates to be announced. Sybylla Melvyn, is an imaginative, headstrong girl growing up in rural Australia in the 1890s. Drought and a series of poor business decisions reduce her family to subsistence level, her father begins to drink excessively, and Sybylla struggles to deal with the monotony of her life. To her relief, she is sent to live on her grandmother’s property, where life is more comfortable. There she meets wealthy young Harold Beecham, who loves her…Adapted by Christine Davey from the book written by Stella Miles Franklin

Thanks to the City of Greater Geelong for the on-going support and belief and congrats to the original and new casts and crew for being there every step of the way for this lovely thing – with; Michaela Gregory, Dom Westcott , Leanne Visser, Madeleine Swain, Kathryn O’Neill, , Paula Kontalj, Simon Carroll, William Farnsworth, Marie-Claire Tchernomoroff, Robyn Farrar, Wendy Robinson, Emma Louise Watson, Laura Zarb