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2022 Season

Jane Eyre – July 2022

SooT Season 2022 – ‘just you wait and see’ – introducing the first part of our incredible July programme – JANE EYRE travels up the road to Melbourne to bring out glorious production to La Mama. From July 7 – 17th, tickets on sale soon. We’re thrilled that our production (and script) is on the VCE drama syllabus. Our fabulous cast and crew – Tess Parker, Glen Barton, Sarah Smits, Gracie Rogers, Simon Carroll, Melissa Musselwhite, Katie Hall, Katie Williams. See you in the big smoke!

Join us for this glorious production wherever you can. We are quite literally coming to a theatre near you. Remember that for VCE drama students we’ll be holding Q and A sessions after most performances.

We can’t wait to see you!