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Loves labour’s Won or (Much ado about Nothing)

Loves Labour’s Won

Loves Labour’s Won has been rescheduled for production in March 2021 . Loves Labour’s Won remains a secret piece of Shakespeare’s plays. Listed to have been performed in 1598. However, there is no play with that title that we know of as published today. The theory is that “Love’s Labour’s Won” is the early title of a play that we now know by another name. Because many of Shakespeare’s plays had not been published by 1598, there are only a few plays that could have been known by this early title. Different scholars have suggested “Much Ado about Nothing” as the modern identity of the missing “Won.” Set at the closing of World War 1, there is ‘everything’ to be ado about in this production. A sparkling, engaging and heartwarming comedy staged with modernised and acute understanding of the genre to ensure that loves labour’s are won indeed! Loves Labours Won is a broadly accessible adaptation, directed by Emma Watson and is set in 1918 at the end of the first world war at the Palace Green War Response Hospital. There is a bit of singing and a bit of dancing and most importantly a lot of comedy.

Loves Labours Won Cast

  • HERO – Rose Musselwhite
  • BEATRICE – Marie-Clare Tchernomoroff
  • MATRON PEARL – Katie Hall
  • MARGARET- Lanny Ryan
  • URSULA / Ensemble – Melissa Musselwhite
  • CONNIE/Ensemble -Sarah Smits
  • CORPORAL BAKER – Robyn Farrar
  • CAPTAIN CLAUDE – Shannon Nicholls
  • CAPTAIN BENEDICK – Matthew Bertram
  • MAJOR JOHN –   Glen Barton
  • COPORAL WOOD/Ensemble- Tyler Wood
  • CONSTABLE DOGBERRY/Ensemble – Graci Lynch
  • VERGES/Ensemble/Vocals – Simone Warnock

Production Dates: March 2021 Directed by Emma Watson

On the Beach – October 2021

Auditions June 2021