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Future Shows

2020 Season

Here at SooT HQ we are thrilled to announce that our SEASON 2020 is now on sale – season tickets are only $50 – that’s for three shows (YES THREE – a saving of more than $40) as well as a champagne and programme on us. Oh, and you’ll also be the first to hear about any other special performances, offers or snippets of news. Hurry, though, as tickets are only on sale until the opening night of MY BRILLIANT CAREER – March 14th. So – join us for our three glorious productions – MY BRILLIANT CAREER (March – proudly supported by the City of Greater Geelong), HYSTERICA – our new works program (July) and LOVES LABOUR’S WON…or Much Ado About Nothing (October) – our ‘onward to victory’ season is go!

My Brilliant Career – March 2020

Book early and book often. – proudly supported by the City of Greater Geelong. March 14-22nd, Waurn Ponds Hall – this beautiful theatrical re-imagining of a timeless Australian classic novel. LOVE. LAUGHTER. LANGUAGE. LANDSCAPE.

Join me in congratulating our divine and glorious theatre-makers. Drum roll please as we introduce… Michaela Gregory, Cindy-Lou Esler, Simon Carroll, William Farnsworth, Leanne Lanny Visser, Madeleine Swain, Kathryn O’Neill, Paula Kontelj, Ross Larkin Adapted and directed by Christine Davey, Costumes, publicity, production – Emma Louise Watson, Production – Wendy Robinson.

This Australian epic and ideological tale of the girl from the bush who makes good as a world renowned writer is NOT a love story. This production is hot on the heels of the staged, development reading held in 2019 to a full stage production in 2020. With support from the City of Greater Geelong this story enthralls with an adventure into the outback of Australia during 1901, with all its beauty, hardship, love and loss. Written by Stella Miles Franklin, Adapted and Directed by Christine Davey

Hysterica – July 2020


Hysterica presents a opportunity for writers to submit a monologue for the purpose of production, two weeks in July 2020. Cast auditions will occur in May 2020. A developing piece of theatre poised to capture unique stories of women from the past and showcase them in a staged theatrical event.

Various Writers and Directors

Loves Labour’s Won – October 2020

Loves Labour’s Won

Loves Labour’s Won remains a secret piece of Shakespeare’s plays. Listed to have been performed in 1598. However, there is no play with that title that we know of as published today. The theory is that “Love’s Labour’s Won” is the early title of a play that we now know by another name. Because many of Shakespeare’s plays had not been published by 1598, there are only a few plays that could have been known by this early title. Different scholars have suggested “Much Ado about Nothing” as the modern identity of the missing “Won.” Set at the closing of World War 1, there is ‘everything’ to be ado about in this production. A sparkling, engaging and heartwarming comedy staged with modernised and acute understanding of the genre to ensure that loves labour’s are won indeed!

Production days are October 2020 with casting auditions March/April 2020, Directed by Emma Watson

Other Projects

Radio Play – Feb 2020