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Future Shows

Postponed. But Stayed tuned

Auditions for HYSTERICA – monologues for women we’ve never heard of – will be rescheduled. A production of up to six actors.

Auditions for MUCH ADO/LLW will be rescheduled for the production proposed for March 2021 This production allows for a cast of 11-13 actors of both males and females. Roles such as soldiers, nurses ect may double* up in group scenes. Age groups are indicative only.

  • Women
    20-30 HERO – NURSE – Daughter to Matron Pearl.
    30+-40 BEATRICE – NURSE – Niece to Matron Pearl.
    50+ PEARL, the Chief MATRON in Charge – Mother of Hero and Aunty to Beatrice
    Any MARGARET- NURSE – friends with Hero and has a romance with Baker.
    Any *URSULA – NURSE – friends with Hero has a romance with Verges.
    Any *CONNIE, a Personal Nurse ‘love companion’ of John.
  • Men
    40-50+ PETER Hull, FIELD MARSHALL responsible for Palace Green Hospital.
    20-30 CLAUDE, a young CAPTAIN.
    30-40+ BENEDICK, a young CAPTAIN.
    30-40+ *JOHN Hull, GENERAL – Peter’s deserter Brother.
    Any *BAKER, CAPTAIN of John’s acquaintance.

All actors over 18 welcome to audition. Rehearsals for HYSTERICA begin in June and the season is from July 16 – 19. Rehearsals for MAAN/LLW begin in August and the production is from October 9 – 25th. Its important that actors are available consistently during the rehearsal period. Connect with us through our facebook group to book in.

Hysterica – To be advised


Hysterica presents a opportunity for writers to submit a monologue for the purpose of production across two weeks. A developing piece of theatre poised to capture unique stories of women from the past and showcase them in a staged theatrical event.

Various Writers and Directors

Loves Labour’s Won – Proposed March 2021

Loves Labour’s Won

Loves Labour’s Won remains a secret piece of Shakespeare’s plays. Listed to have been performed in 1598. However, there is no play with that title that we know of as published today. The theory is that “Love’s Labour’s Won” is the early title of a play that we now know by another name. Because many of Shakespeare’s plays had not been published by 1598, there are only a few plays that could have been known by this early title. Different scholars have suggested “Much Ado about Nothing” as the modern identity of the missing “Won.” Set at the closing of World War 1, there is ‘everything’ to be ado about in this production. A sparkling, engaging and heartwarming comedy staged with modernised and acute understanding of the genre to ensure that loves labour’s are won indeed!

Production days are March 2021 with casting auditions Nov/Dec 2020, Directed by Emma Watson